NetResults Tracker
Product Overview

Welcome to NetResults Tracker ™.

NetResults Tracker is a powerful, easy-to-use Web-based collaboration tool to help companies keep track of business issues and automatically manage them to resolution. Tracker is licensed for use by over 1000 companies (with 40,000+ users) in over 30 countries around the world. It is used for applications including:

Our customers are from a broad base of industries, including broadcasting, consulting, entertainment, financial, government, hardware, health care, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail, software, system integration, telecommunication, and transportation.

Tracker is a fully Web-based system providing:

Tracker is very cost-effective. Most installations can recover the investment in a few short months through the increase in productivity, through the better products produced, through improved customer satisfaction, or simply by not forgetting to include the fix of  an important bug in the next release.

Tracker is highly customizable and can be tailored for virtually any workflow and environment. It comes with several pre-defined database templates, each designed for a specific product area. Those currently included are:

Tracker greatly simplifies the task of setting up and using an issue tracking system. Since you access Tracker using a standard web browser, there is no special client software to install or administer. In addition, users on all platforms have full access to the system without any special platform specific client software.

Tracker also uses industry standard web server, web browser, and database technologies so you aren't tied to a proprietary web server, client (browser), or database.

Tracker is available in two versions: Tracker Standard Edition and Tracker Enterprise Edition. Tracker Enterprise Edition includes all of the features of Tracker plus some additional features such as Alerts and Discussion to provide improved support for enterprise wide use.