NetResults Tracker Help
Getting Started With NetResults Tracker


This section provides general information to help you start using Tracker for tracking different issues and managing information. This section will also introduce you to the various features and how they can play a role in your processes.

The first step is to determine what you will be tracking. The following questions can guide you in this step:

Overview of Tracker structure

Tracker is made up of:

The relationship between Project, Form and Workflow isn’t strictly hierarchical. A Project has one or more Forms available for use in the Project. Each Form within a Project has one (and only one) Workflow associated with it for that Project (for use when an instance of that Form is created via the Add operation in that Project). The same Form may be used in other Projects with other Workflows. The same Workflow may be shared by multiple Forms (in the same Project or in different Projects). Workflow and Form are always related. Every Workflow is associated with (available for) at least one Form. An example of multiple Projects, Forms and Workflows handled in a Tracker workgroup is shown below:

Project 1

Project 2 Project 3 The best order to set up Tracker is: The next section provides information for creating Projects and Forms.

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