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Import Standards

Standards and Requirements for Data to be Imported

Preparing your data so that it adheres to the following standards prior to attempting to import the data will minimize the effort involved in the import. Data that does not comply to these standards will cause the import to fail. For each column in the pulldown data you plan to import, compare it to the information in the following table to ensure that the data adheres to the following standards. Please note that the import option is not available for a pulldown field configured as a user pulldown.

Item Data Column Standards / Requirements
  • Should be a valid option menu item from the list of items for that pulldown (unless the option Create Items will be enabled during pulldown item import). If an option menu item is added on the fly by the import tool, it must adhere to the standards listed below.
  • Cannot have empty/null value
  • Characters " (quote), \ (backslash) and ~ (tilde) cannot be used
  • A maximum of 50 characters are allowed
  • Should only have characters 0 - 9
  • Maximum value is 99999
  • The only valid values are "Yes" or "No"
  • The only valid values are "Yes" or "No"


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