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Color Preferences

Color Preferences can be set to customize the look and feel of the pages in Tracker. You may wish to change the color preferences from their defaults so that the Tracker pages reflect the color scheme of your web site or organization. Please note that setting color preferences may change some style elements that are default for your browser (e.g. If your browser displays buttons with a smooth edge, the smooth edge will be lost when applying color preferences to buttons using the options below).

To set the Color Preferences:

  1. Login to the workgroup as Admin
  2. Click on the Admin icon in the top button bar
  3. Click on the Color Preferences link
  4. To change the color of an item, select a color from the pulldown or select <Custom> to enter the Hex code or select <Default> to choose the browser's default value. Hex code must be in the format "#XXXXXX". An explanation of each item can be found in the Color Preference Options section. Your selections are displayed in a preview to the right of the preferences.
  5. Click on the OK button to save the changes
A Reset button is available to reset the color preferences to their settings as of the last time the Color Preferences were saved. A Cancel button is available to return to the Admin section without saving any changes to the Color Preferences page.

Color Preference Options


A set of pre-defined Themes is available. Each Theme has a set of color preferences configured to give Tracker a color scheme that is consistent throughout all pages. Selecting a Theme will update the samples displayed in the rest of the Color Preferences sections (General Settings, IE Browser Settings, etc.).

You can select a theme and accept its default color preference settings or you can choose a theme as a starting point and make changes to individual color preferences as desired. Version 6 is the default theme for new workgroups. Version 5 is the theme that has the color preferences that match the defaults for Version 5.x workgroups.

General Settings

IE Browser Button Settings

These settings determine the colors of the buttons for users using the Internet Explorer (IE) browser.

Other Browser Button Settings

These settings determine the colors of the buttons for users using browsers other than Internet Explorer.

Table Settings

Table Settings control the color preferences applied to tables present on View, Query, History, Metrics and Discussion Pages.

Login Page Settings

The Login Page settings are available for customizing the color of the Login Page and Self Registration Page (if applicable).

Home Page Settings

The Home Page Settings are available for customizing the color preferences for the Home Page reports.

Metrics Page Chart Settings

Metrics Page Chart Settings determine the color preferences for charts displayed in the Metrics Page.

Admin Table Settings

Admin Table Settings determine the color settings for tables displayed in the Admin section (e.g. the list of fields in the Fields section, the list of users in the User Accounts section).

Color Preferences for other Features

The color preferences for the following features can be found in other sections:

Submit via Web for Unregistered Users
Knowledge Base

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