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Form Workflow

A form in use by a project can have a workflow associated with it if needed or can have no workflow.

To set the workflow property for a form:

  1. Login to the workgroup as Admin
  2. Click on the Admin icon
  3. Click on the Projects link
  4. Select a project in the Projects pulldown at the top. The page will be refreshed with the properties of the selected project
  5. Click on the Change link to the right of Workflow
  6. Select a workflow for the form. The workflows available for selection are managed in the Forms section of the Workflows page.
  7. Click OK to save the selection and click OK again to confirm the operation

    If the new workflow does not contain states that are were present in the old workflow, you will be prompted to select replacements for the states that are not in the new workflow to be used in records (where the Status field is set to one of the old states), State Manager settings, Incoming Email settings, Saved Queries and Saved Charts. Click OK to save the selections.

  8. Click OK to return to the Projects section

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