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Source Code Control Integration

Overview and Requirements

Source Code Control Integration allows you to associate source code files to problem records within your Tracker database. This is useful in order to denote which source code files were changed during the course of processing a problem record.

Additionally, Tracker allows you to note the version of the source code file where a problem was found, and subsequently, fixed. This facilitates the ability to track the source code files that are affected by a particular problem or bug fix.

The Source Code Control Interface within Tracker has the ability to compare versions of a source code file to show the differences in the content between versions.

The history of each source code file maintained by your source code control database can be accessed via Tracker. The history information provides easy access to details related to each version of the source code file. Information such as file type, type and date of action, user who performed action, and comments about the action are displayed in the history entry for each version.

Various actions related to the Source Code Control Interface have been added as privileges, allowing you to control which functions user groups can access such as, viewing and editing the list of source code files associated with a problem record.

Requirements for Source Code Control Integration

Microsoft Visual SourceSafe Version 6.0 (Server or Client) must be installed on the server machine where Tracker is installed. If your Microsoft Visual SourceSafe database is installed on a machine other than your Tracker server, please refer to the following Knowledge Base article for special instructions:

For the latest information about the requirements for using Source Code Control Integration, please refer to the following page on our web site:

Each person who uses the Source Code Control Integration feature must be a licensed user of Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. Indirect use of Microsoft Visual SourceSafe via Tracker does not release you from your legal obligations under the Microsoft Visual SourceSafe license agreement. Tracker does require that each user of source code control integration enter a Microsoft Visual SourceSafe User ID and Password. However, it is still your responsibility to ensure that all users are in full compliance with the Microsoft Visual SourceSafe license agreement. Please review your Microsoft Visual SourceSafe license agreement for details.


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