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Email Notification

An important aid to timely and smooth processing of the defect tracking process is automatic notification of events. Standard Internet email is the most widely accepted form of notification.

There are several events that could trigger notification:

For each of these events, a set of users may be affected. When a record is added, the following users may be interested:

When an edit or task operation is performed on a record, the following users may be interested:

When a record is deleted, the following users may be interested:

On a change of record state, the following users may be interested:

On a change of record assignment, the following users may be interested:

Unregistered Users

Tracker can be configured to send email notification messages to unregistered users who submit records via the Submit Page or via Email. Details about configuring notifications for unregistered users can be found in the General Preferences section.

Determining which users and under what events notification should occur is really a trial-and-error process determined by the personal working habits and preferences of users of the system. The issue should be discussed and tested with the users in your organization until consensus is reached on the desired behavior.

Email Rules are configured for each workflow and can be set differently based on each option menu item in a pulldown if desired. Details on setting your email notification rules can be found in the Workflows Help section.


The Alerts feature is another means of generating email notifications. Alerts are notifications that can be triggered relative to a date field in a record or based on a lack of change of status.

Alerts can be set differently for each individual record if desired. Alerts can also be set based on:

Alerts can be set to notify the following users: Information about customizing Alerts can be found in the Alerts Help section.


The Discussion feature is a message board or news group feature where your users can have conversations related to a record. These conversations can happen in parallel to the record moving through a workflow. Notification messages can be sent for the following actions:

More detail about Discussion notifications can be found in the Discussion section.

The next section provides more information about Security.


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