NetResults ProblemTracker
Editing Records

Editing A Record

To edit a record, you can either perform a query and press the Edit button located in the Action column of the report next to the desired problem record, or you can press the Edit button located in the Button bar and enter the record number you would like to edit.

The edit form allows you to directly modify any field of the record. This can be useful if you wish to update a description, or force a record to a particular process state (for instance, mark a record as "Released" before it has been tested).

The edit page also allows you to add, edit, or remove an attachment for the record. Click here for details.

When you edit the record you can also enter a comment that will be entered into the history for the record. This can be useful in the future to help determine why the record was edited.

Modifying Record Visibility

If record-level security has been enabled, and your are a member of a user group that is allowed to modify the visibility of a record to user groups, a selection list will appear at the bottom of the page. This list allows you to select which user groups this record is visible to. To select more than one user group, hold down the shift or control key while clicking.