NetResults ProblemTracker
Admin Overview

The ProblemTracker Administrator is your interface to performing customization and maintenance. In order to access the Administrator you must be logged in as a user with Admin privileges. The Admin group always has this privilege, and the Admin user is always a member of this group.

The initial Admin user password is "Admin". When you first log in to the system after installation, you can do so using this User ID and password. It is recommended that you change this password before adding other users to the system.

A button linked directly to the ProblemTracker administrator can optionally is included in the ProblemTracker Button Bar for all users that have Admin privileges. The following options are available:

Define Schema
Allows you to add and remove fields from the data record. Also allows setting options like which pages a field should appear on, the order that fields should be presented, and whether a field is required.

Option Menus
Allows you to define the values for all pulldown fields, and select a default value to select when the menu is displayed.

Define Workflow
Allows you to add, remove, and setup the workflow states. Also allows you to specify what fields should appear for the Task operation, and who the manager is for each state in the workflow.

User Administration
Allows you to add, remove and setup user groups, including access rights and privileges. Also allows you to add, remove, and setup individual users, including assigning them to user groups.

Email Configuration
Allows you to set up the email server, and also define the notification behavior for each product.

General Preferences
Allows setting of general behavior and preference parameters for each installation of ProblemTracker.

Inet Page Options
Allows customization of the look and feel of the Internet bug reporting page.

Send Email
Allows you to send an email to a ProblemTracker user.

Utilities used to diagnose and repair ProblemTracker.

Note that many administrative functions can make large changes to the ProblemTracker database. While not necessary, it is generally a good policy to back up the database before performing an administrative task. Also, to prevent confusion to users (things may change suddenly as a result of an administrative task), it is recommended that you do so when no one is using the system.