NetResults ProblemTracker
General Email Configuration

Enable Email Notification

Before using the email integration features of ProblemTracker, you must first perform some basic configuration by following these steps:

  1. From the ProblemTracker Administrator, press the "Email Configuration" button.
  2. Press the button labeled "Set Server Configuration". The following form is displayed:

  3. Enter the name of the SMTP email server you would like to use in the field labeled "SMTP Email Server". This server will be used by ProblemTracker to send notification email.
  4. Enter the email user account you would like to use to send ProblemTracker email messages in both the field labeled "From Email Account" and the field labeled "Sender Email Account". This is the account that will appear as the address to reply to in emails sent to users.
  5. Select the type of Email Header Encoding you would like to use from the pulldown menu. The encoding that you choose for this option should be based on the characters you will be using. In general, email headers must contain only US-ASCII characters. Headers that contain non US-ASCII characters must be encoded so that they contain only US-ASCII characters. This process involves using either "B"(BASE64) or "Q"(Quoted-Printable) to encode certain characters. The "Q" encoding is recommended for use when most of the characters to be encoded are in the ASCII character set; otherwise, the "B" encoding should be used. If you are not sure what type of encoding is compatible with your mail server, choose Auto Select for this option.
  6. Choose a format for the email content from the pulldown menu. This option determines whether the email messages generated by ProblemTracker will contain only text or text and HTML. For example, if the character set for your workgroup is UTF-8, email from ProblemTracker may also contain UTF-8 characters. If your email client cannot display UTF-8 characters, selecting "Text and HTML" for this option might help. If your email client can display HTML format, the UTF-8 characters in the email message can be displayed correctly.
  7. Press the OK button.

If at any time you wish to turn of email notification, erase the SMTP Email Server setting.