NetResults ProblemTracker
Customizing the Log In Page

The Log In Page

ProblemTracker requires that all users first log into the system via a log in page. This page presents the user with a form with a username and password field.

You can specify the format of the top and bottom of this page to your liking. Reasons for doing this may be to better visually integrate ProblemTracker with your company's Intranet look and feel, or to provide users with an information or instructional message before logging in.

Customizing the Log In Page

There are two files located in the workgroup directory (ptdev, ptweb, etc.) of each installation of ProblemTracker that allow you to customize the log in page. Log in to the Workgroup Management System and find the workgroup you wish to modify on the list that appears on the Workgroup Management System Home Page. Note the path listed in the location column for this workgroup. The files are located in the workgroup location path in the folder called Include:

Do not include full HTML files (such as one created by Microsoft Front Page) in either or You must only use HTML tags that are valid in the body of an HTML file. If you do not understand this restriction, please do not modify these files as you may eliminate access to the ProblemTracker login page.