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Enabling Source Code Control Integration

Source Code Control Options

To enable Source Code Control within ProblemTracker, login as Admin, click on the Admin button, then click on General Preferences. Set the following options related to Source Code Control:

Click OK to save the changes made to the Source Code Control Options.

Source Code Control User Privileges

In order for a user to access any information related to Source Code Control, they must be members of a group with the appropriate privileges assigned. User Privileges related to Source Code Control include:

Source Code Control Login Settings

Each user must supply their SourceSafe Login Settings in order to edit the source code list. To enter the login information, the user should go to the Home page, then click on the link to edit their Personal Preferences. In the SourceSafe Login Settings section, the user should enter the User ID and Password they use to access the Microsoft Visual SourceSafe database. The user should click OK to save these settings.