NetResults ProblemTracker
The Data Record

Each change request is processed by several individuals, each requiring some information to perform their task. ProblemTracker creates a data record for each request entered into the system. This record allows the organization to keep all the information related to the request in a central location, and perform searches over all the data to look up particular records.

An important activity in designing the defect tracking process is identifying what information will be required for the data record. ProblemTracker provides the following fields for every record:

Record Number
Unique numeric identifier for the record.

The product that the request is for.

The current state of the record in the defect tracking process (workflow)

Person who the record is currently assigned to.

Person who entered the record.

In addition to these required fields, you can customize the data record with your own fields. It is recommended that you identify the organizations involved in your process and obtain a list of data required by each to determine what fields should be included the data record.

ProblemTracker allows you to use the following data types:

An integer numeric value.

A floating point number.

A text string up to 80 characters.

A very large text string. The maximum size determined by the amount of data supported by the textarea type on your web browser, and the particular database in use.

A 255 character string that is a valid formatted URL.

A string of the format MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS AM/PM (US Default). ProblemTracker may also be configured to use the '-' and '.' delimiters as well as the "DD MM YYYY" and "YYYY MM DD" format for the date representation portion of this string. Please note that the usage of the alternative date formats is dependent on the localized settings for the database in use. Make sure your localized database settings accept the selected alternate format prior to entering your date/time strings.

A pulldown menu. You can customize all values in the menu.

Release Number
A combination of four pulldown menus. You can customize all values in the menu.

A pulldown with the values Yes and No.

Customization of the data record is performed by clicking on the Admin button in the Button Bar and then click on the "Define Schema" button.