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Upgrading a Workgroup from Version 3.x to Version 4.1

Before attempting to upgrade a workgroup from a version in the 3.x series to 4.1, it is strongly recommended that you make a backup of your database. It is also recommended that you test the Version 4 upgrade with a copy of your Version 3 workgroup and examine the changes before you uninstall your Version 3 installation according to the following instructions.

To upgrade a workgroup from a version in the 3.x series to version 4.1, click on the Admin button on the Button Bar, select the radio button that corresponds to this option, then click on the Continue button.

In the Current Workgroup details section, type in the current workgroup name, select the current database type and web site, then click on the Continue button to proceed.

On the next page, confirm that the current workgroup location matches the location of the version 3 workgroup files. In the New Workgroup details section, enter information for the new workgroup including Workgroup Name, Description, Location, template, web site, host name or IP address, port number, and comment. Enter a workgroup name that is different than any of your Version 3 workgroups. If the new workgroup name and location are identical to your current 3.x workgroup, your Version 3 database will be overwritten. However, if you are upgrading a SQL Server database, your Version 3 data will be upgraded (overwritten) regardless of the workgroup name you choose. If you wish to test a copy of your version 3.x SQL Server database with ProblemTracker, please consult the following FAQ entry for a different set of instructions so that your Version 3 SQL database will not be overwritten:

In either case, please ensure that you have a backup of your database before proceeding. If you are planning to test your data on Version 4 while still running Version 3, un-check the re-direction box so that your Version 3 URL is not re-directed to the Version 4 workgroup. The following FAQ section contains instructions on how to add this re-direction at a later time: Click on the Continue button to proceed with the upgrade process.

A confirmation screen listing information for both the current workgroup and the new workgroup will be displayed. Click on the Back button to make any necessary changes. Otherwise, click on the Upgrade Workgroup button to complete the Upgrade operation. Click OK to confirm. A message confirming that the workgroup files have been successfully upgraded will be displayed. The next step is to upgrade the database, click on the Continue button to upgrade the database to version 4.1.

On the next page, your workgroup information will be displayed. In addition, you will be prompted to select additional time zone settings for this workgroup. These time zone settings can be different from the time zone you selected for the ProblemTracker server machine during the installation process. For a list of available time zones in your operating system, please refer to one of the following sections:
Windows 2000 and Windows XP Time Zones
Windows NT 4.0 Time Zones

A time zone and whether to adjust for daylight saving time must be specified for the following areas of the workgroup:

For the workgroup time zone settings listed above, if you have selected a time zone where daylight saving time is observed, it is recommended that you check the box to adjust for daylight saving time.

Once the time zone settings have been specified, click on the Upgrade button and click OK to proceed with upgrading the database. A confirmation message will be displayed when the database has been successfully upgraded.

Click on the Home icon to return to the Workgroup Management System Home Page. Your upgraded workgroup will now be displayed on the list of workgroups on the Home Page. To login to your upgraded workgroup, click on the key icon to the left of the name of your upgraded workgroup. A separate window will be launched with the workgroup's login page.