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Editing a Workgroup

To edit a workgroup, click on the Edit icon on the Button Bar. Then, select a workgroup to edit from the pulldown menu and click the Edit button under the pulldown menu. You can also click on the Edit icon to the left of a workgroup name from the Home Page.

The Description and Comment fields can be modified. You can also modify the Host Name or IP Address and the Port Number used to build (configure) the URL for this workgroup.

For SQL Server and Oracle databases, you can also modify the Database User Name, and Database User Password. Workgroups using Access database will not have this option.

If you wish to change the User Name, you must enter the User Name, and also enter the same value for User Password and Confirm User Password fields. If you wish to change just the User Password, enter values for the User Password, and Confirm User Password fields.

Additionally, a history comment field is provided to add additional information. Enter the information into the appropriate field(s) that you wish to modify, then click on the Save button.