NetResults ProblemTracker
Managing Web Server Security

To configure ProblemTracker to allow remote access to the Workgroup Management System, click on the Admin button on the Button Bar, select the radio button for Managing Web Server Security, then click on the Continue button.

Then, check the box labeled "Allow remote access to Workgroup Management System from all machines in the network", and click Save button.

This security feature can be used to restrict the computers accessing the Workgroup Management System (WMS). By unselecting this option and saving, you will be allowing only the local machine to access WMS. Example: Accessing WMS using the URL "http://servername/ptadmin" will fail and generate an HTTP error. You have to access WMS only by using the URL "http://localhost/ptadmin".

If you wish to allow other computers in the network to access WMS, then select this option and click Save button.