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Repairing a Workgroup

A repair operation is available to correct certain aspects of a workgroup that may have become damaged. The repair operation will install a fresh set of web pages for the workgroup, delete and re-create the web server settings for the workgroup, and will verify whether a database file exists for the workgroup. If a database file does not exist, a new database will be created. The repair operation is not available for a workgroup until it has been upgraded to the latest version. The latest version is the version that matches that of the Workgroup Management System. The Workgroup Management System version can be found in the upper right corner of the Workgroup Management System Home Page.

To repair a workgroup, click on the Repair button on the Button Bar, select a workgroup from the pulldown menu, then click on the Repair button below the pulldown menu. You can also click on the Repair icon to the left of the workgroup name from the Home Page.

A confirmation page will appear. You can click the Back Button to select another workgroup to be repaired. Otherwise, click on the Repair Workgroup button to complete the repair operation.