NetResults ProblemTracker
Adding Records

Adding A Record

To add a record, press the Add button located in the Button Bar. The Add form will appear in the Dialog Area, allowing you to enter information about the problem.

ProblemTracker allows your administrator to customize the fields that appear in the bug record. Other requirements such as required fields may also apply.

As an example of a typical record, the code development sample database included with ProblemTracker has the following fields:

Dependent Pulldowns

In some cases, your ProblemTracker Administrator may have set up dependent pulldowns. Dependent pulldowns allow the value selected for one pulldown (the parent pulldown) to determine the values displayed in another pulldown (the child pulldown). When dependent pulldowns appear on the Add page, the menu option selected in the parent pulldown will limit the menu options available in the child pulldown.

Specifying Record Visibility

If record-level security has been enabled, and your are a member of a user group that is allowed to modify the visibility of a record to user groups, a selection list will appear at the bottom of the page. This list allows you to select which user groups this record will be visible to. To select more than one user group, hold down the shift or control key while clicking.

Adding an Attachment

If you are a member of a User Group that has the Add Attachment privilege, then you may add an attachment along with the problem record. To add an attachment along with the problem record, please follow the steps below.

  1. Enter a meaningful description for the Attachment (this will be displayed when someone subsequently views the problem record).
  2. Click the Browse button (to the right) to select the file from your local machine.
  3. Click the Add button to create the problem record with an attachment.

After you have added a problem report (and if you have been given the appropriate privileges by your Administrator), you can add more file attachments and/or edit or delete existing attachments by following the directions in the Record Attachments section of the Help.