NetResults ProblemTracker
Product Overview

Welcome to NetResults ProblemTracker.

ProblemTracker is a completely Web-based defect tracking application. It allows a user on any platform (Unix, PC, Mac) with a web browser full access to all the features of the product. This includes the ability to log new problem records, view or edit existing records, and generate reports.

ProblemTracker allows you to create and track problem incidents through a workflow that you define. In addition to defining the workflow states, you can define forward and reverse transitions between states, and user assignments for each state. ProblemTracker is highly customizable and can be tailored for virtually any workflow and problem realm. It comes with several pre-defined database templates, each designed for a specific product arena. Those currently included are:

ProblemTracker allows individuals and management to quickly obtain incident status in real-time, which can dramatically improve information access within an organization. ProblemTracker's integrated email notification also helps ensure that individuals are notified of important changes in problem status and assignment. In addition, because it is completely web based ProblemTracker can be configured to allow remote access from any web browser.

ProblemTracker greatly simplifies the task of setting up and using a bug tracking system. Since you access ProblemTracker using a standard web browser, there is no special client software to install or administer. In addition, users on all platforms have full access to the system without any special platform specific client software.

ProblemTracker also uses industry standard web server, web browser, and database technologies so you aren't tied to a proprietary web server server, client (browser), or database.

ProblemTracker is available in two versions: ProblemTracker and ProblemTracker Enterprise Edition. ProblemTracker Enterprise Edition includes all of the features of ProblemTracker plus some additional features such as Alerts and Discussions to provide improved support for enterprise wide use. In the Help library, we generally label sections that describe features that are unique to ProblemTracker Enterprise Edition as Enterprise Edition Only.