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Logging In

Log In Process

To use ProblemTracker you must log into the system. Start your web browser and go to the following URL:


where serverName is the TCP/IP name of the host where the ProblemTracker server software is installed, and workgroupName is the name of the ProblemTracker workgroup (e.g. pteval) you wish to access. If you are not sure where ProblemTracker was installed on your network, please ask your ProblemTracker Administrator.

You are presented with the login screen. Enter your username and password to log in.

On occasion when logging in, you may encounter the error message, "Login Failed - Your previous login session is still active." This message can come up if you were previously logged in to ProblemTracker, but did not click the Logoff icon to finish your session. Select YES so that the previous session will be closed and a new session will begin and allow you to login. If you select NO, you will not be able to login to ProblemTracker.

If you are using floating licenses, it is important that you click the Logoff icon to end your ProblemTracker session when you are done. Simply exiting your browser will not end your session and may prevent other users from being able to access ProblemTracker. If you do forget to click the Logoff icon, simply login in again, answer YES when asked to delete your old session, and then click the Logoff icon on the Home page when it is displayed.

If you browse off to another site without clicking the Logoff icon to end your ProblemTracker session, you can click the Back button on your browser several times to return to the last ProblemTracker page you were on and then click the Logoff icon. Or, you can simply browse back to the login page, login again, then click the Logoff icon on the Home page when it is displayed. ProblemTracker does not allow more than one active session per user account (irrespective of license type), so if you login and then logoff you can always be certain that you have not left any active sessions around.

If your user ID is of the floating license type, you may encounter the error message, "Login Failed - The maximum number of concurrent logins has been reached. Please try again later or contact your administrator." This message is generated because the maximum number of floating license users are already logged into the system. As soon as another floating license user logs off (or is forced off by your administrator), you will be able to login to ProblemTracker.

If it is important that you are always able to login, please ask your administrator to configure you as a static license user. Static license users have a single license permanently assigned to them.

The Home Page

After logging in, the first screen you will see is your ProblemTracker homepage.

By default, this page has two reports, which display the records assigned to you and the records reported by you. Also present on the Home Page is a link to the personal preferences section, where you can customize various user settings, such as your changing your password and selecting date and report settings.

You can customize the following features:

You can change the way the reports on the Home page are sorted at any time by clicking on the field name. The field that is being used as the primary sort field will have an arrow to the right of the field name. If the arrow is pointing down, the results are sorted by that field in a descending order. If the arrow is pointing up, the results are sorted by that field in an ascending order. Clicking once on the field with the arrow will reverse the sort order. Clicking once on any field that does not have the arrow will sort the results in ascending order by that field. Any field except large text fields can be clicked to sort the results by that field.

When the Assigned To or Reported By fields are displayed as columns on a Home Page report, the user's name will appear as a clickable link if you have the appropriate privilege. Click on the user's name to display the user's profile information as shown below.

The records displayed on each of the Home Page reports can be exported to a *.CSV file (comma separated values format) by clicking on the export icon to the right of the report name.

There are three different print icons present on the Home Page. The print icon to the left of the Personal Preferences link will print the Home Page as it is displayed (excluding the top button bar). Printing with this icon will include the "Welcome <User>" message, the date and time, and the records displayed in each report. Using this print icon will only display the records that appear on the Home Page (not all records that match the query results for each Home Page report).

Click on the print icon in the upper right corner of each Home Page Report to print all of the records that match the saved query used in the Home Page reports (including those records not shown on the Home Page when the number of records in the query results exceeds the maximum number of records displayed).

Personal Preferences

From the ProblemTracker home page, click on the link labeled "Personal Preferences".

You can customize the following features: User Password Settings

Report Settings

Date Settings

Dependent Pulldowns

Multi-Line Field Settings

Visual SourceSafe Login Settings

Discussion Settings
Note: These options will not be displayed unless you are using ProblemTracker Enterprise Edition.

Login Options

User Privileges

When you log in, you are given access to data and operations as assigned by your ProblemTracker administrator. These rights are assigned to you via User Groups. Each group defines a set of privileges, and you are assigned to groups. The total set of privileges you have is the sum of all the rights of all the User Groups that you are a member of.

Please contact your ProblemTracker administrator if you wish to receive additional privileges.