NetResults ProblemTracker
The ProblemTracker User Interface

The ProblemTracker user interface has the following main components as shown in the illustration above:

  1. Button Bar
    This bar contains buttons that allow direct access to ProblemTracker's primary functions. For those operations that require a record, a dialog appears prompting you to enter a record number. By default this dialog will contain the record number of the last record on which an operation was performed. This bar also contains the Version of ProblemTracker being used.

  2. Status Bar
    This area indicates the current ProblemTracker mode or operation. It also reports on the status of the last operation. The Status Area is contained in the same scrolling region as the Dialog Area, and may become hidden if the area scrolls down sufficiently.

  3. Dialog Area
    This is the primary data entry and reporting area of ProblemTracker. In most cases action buttons that appear in this area are placed at both the top and the bottom of the form to allow easier access.