NetResults ProblemTracker
Customizing Workflow


ProblemTracker allows you to customize the workflow to match your organization's procedure for processing records. A workflow process is a set of steps, represented by states and transitions. Each record will move through the workflow steps to be processed by various users who enter information into the record throughout the process. Any number of states may be defined. Each state may have one or more transitions. A transition is a path from one state to another state. In addition, the workflow can be customized per product. Meaning that a different set of workflow steps and properties can be configured for different products.

The following sections describe aspects of the Workflow Customization in detail:

Workflow States
Workflow Transitions
Workflow Properties

Before customizing your workflow, it may be helpful to review the Tracking Defects with ProblemTracker section to get a feel for how the workflow settings interact with other areas in ProblemTracker.