NetResults ProblemTracker
Browser Settings

ProblemTracker does not require any special plugins or unusual browser configuration. So, by default, almost all browsers are already configured for use with ProblemTracker. However, if support for cookies or JavaScript have been disabled in your browser configuration, then you may need to modify the settings. Information on that is below. If such support has not been disabled, you can skip to the next section.

Brower Settings

ProblemTracker uses browser cookies to maintain its state during a session. And, it uses JavaScript to provide data validation on the client side (which improves overall system performance). In order to use ProblemTracker, you must enable the setting of cookies and use of JavaScript in your browser.

By default, most browsers have cookies enabled. However, you can use the table below to determine where to verify that cookies are enabled on your browser.

Beginning in IE 6, there are multiple levels for enabling cookies. It is recommended that the default option, Medium, is selected.

Browser Menu
Netscape 6.2 Edit->Preferences->Privacy & Security->Cookies
IE 5 Tools->Internet Options->Security->Custom Level->Cookies
IE 6 Tools->Internet Options->Security->Privacy (select Medium)

By default, most browsers have JavaScript enabled. However, you can use the table below to determine where to verify that JavaScript is enabled on your browser.

Browser Menu
Netscape 6.2 Edit->Preferences->Advanced->Enable JavaScript
IE 5 Tools->Internet Options->Security->Custom Level->Scripting->Active Scripting
IE 6 Tools->Internet Options->Security->Custom Level->Scripting->Active Scripting