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Installing ProblemTracker

Installing ProblemTracker Software

To install ProblemTracker software, please follow the instructions on our web site or those included with your license or evaluation email. Temporarily disable any anti-virus software while you run the installation program and perform configuration steps in the Workgroup Management System (WMS). This is recommended so that your anti-virus software will not prevent the installation program or WMS from performing operations such as copying files, running scripts, configuring your web server, setting file permissions and registry entries. Your anti-virus software can be reactivated safely after you have completed the installation steps and any necessary WMS configuration. To install ProblemTracker, login as Administrator on the web server machine on which you would like to install ProblemTracker and run the self-extracting .exe file you downloaded or the setup.exe program on the CD you received. During the installation, you will be asked to select a time zone. For a list of available time zones in your operating system, please refer to one of the following sections:
Windows 2003 / XP / 2000 Time Zones
Windows NT 4.0 Time Zones