NetResults ProblemTracker
Managing Aliases

   You may wish to create an alias for a workgroup in order to re-direct a URL to one of your workgroups as an alternative to using the default URL for ProblemTracker.

For example, instead of using the default URL

http://servername/workgroup/ptlogin.asp or http://servername/workgroup,

instead you would like to use the URL

http://servername/product1. To do this, add "product1" as an alias for this workgroup.

To create an alias, click on the Alias icon on the Button Bar, select a workgroup from the pulldown menu, then click on the Alias button below the pulldown menu.

If there are any current aliases for the workgroup, they will be displayed in the Alias List at the top of the Workgroup Aliases page. Type in the new alias in the field labeled Create New Alias. The alias cannot contain the symbols "/", "\", "<" or ">". Click on the Create button at the right to save the new alias. The alias will then appear on the Alias List.

To delete an alias on the Alias List, select the radio button to the left of the alias, then click on the Delete button.