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Synchronize Anonymous Account

When changes are made to PUSR4hostname, the ProblemTracker Anonymous User account, it may be necessary to synchronize this user's information stored in the Workgroup Management System.

The password of the PUSR4hostname can be synchronized with the current password of PUSR4hostname account in Windows User Manager.

If you would like to have a different password for PUSR4hostname account other than the one supplied by WMS, then first change the password for this user in the Windows User Manager and then synchronize the password in WMS by using this function.

Note: Using this function will not change the actual password for PUSR4hostname account in the Windows User Manager. This will update only the password stored in WMS.

After changing the password in WMS, this new password will be used while adding, repairing and upgrading workgroups. If you have disabled Password Synchronization in IIS Anonymous User Configuration (by default it is enabled), then to complete the synchronization process, you must repair each workgroup by using the 'Repair' functionality in WMS.

To synchronize PUSR4hostname's password in WMS:

  1. Login to the Workgroup Management System
  2. Click on the Admin icon
  3. Select the option called Synchronize ProblemTracker Anonymous Account
  4. Click on the Continue button
  5. Type in the current password (the password saved for this user in the local Windows User Manager) and confirm the password
  6. Click Save to submit the change of password. You will get a confirmation message when the password is synchronized (updated) in WMS.