NetResults Tracker
Program URLs


Tracker is a web application and is accessed by using a standard web browser. Once installed on a web server by the Tracker Administrator, you can access Tracker by entering the appropriate URL into your browser.

Starting Tracker

Once installed, Tracker can be accessed via the following URL:


where servername is the TCP/IP name of the host where the Tracker server software is installed, and workgroup is the name of the Tracker workgroup.

For example, if you installed the default workgroup on a server named MYSERVER, you would use this URL:


Optionally, you can browse to any Tracker workgroup by omitting the "ptlogin.asp" from the URL above as that is configured as the default page for each workgroup.

This will present the Tracker login screen where you can enter your User ID and Password. If this is your first time using Tracker, please see your Administrator for your User ID and Password or if available below the Login button, click on the link New User? Register Here to create a new user account. If you are the Administrator and this is your first time using Tracker, please login using Admin as the User ID and Admin as the Password. Then, please change the password for the Admin user account.