NetResults Tracker
Logging In

To login to the User Management System (UMS), browse to the following URL:


localhost indicates the web server of the local machine. To access the User Management System from a remote machine, the URL is:


servername indicates the TCP/IP host name of the machine where Tracker is installed.

In both cases, you can omit the "/gumslogin.asp" at the end as we have configured gumslogin.asp (the login page) as the default page for the ptcommon application.

When you are presented with the User Management System Login Page, enter useradmin as the User ID and the corresponding password to login. The initial useradmin password is "useradmin". It is recommended that you change this default password during your first login session. Information on changing your password is available in the Administration Options section.

Home Page

After logging in, the first screen you will see is the User Management System Home Page.

This page shows a list of user accounts in the system. Certain actions, such as viewing, editing, deleting and granting workgroup access to user accounts, can be done using icons to the left of each user account. Other actions can be done using the icons in the Button Bar. At the top of the page, you can perform a search for user accounts based on a keyword.

Searching for Users

You can search for user(s) using the Search section at the top of the User Management System Home Page. To search:

  1. Login to the User Management System
  2. Click on the Clear button to remove any previously selected search criteria in the selection boxes. To remove any previously entered criteria from the text box, click on the Home icon.
  3. Enter a keyword to search for the user account(s) you wish to find. Examples of keywords are User ID, First Name, Last Name, Full Name, Email Address or Company Name.
  4. You can narrow down the search by using the workgroups, user fields or license types as filters. To use filters in your search, click [+]. To hide the filters, click [-].
    • If you wish to limit the search to only user accounts that are added or have access to a certain workgroup(s), click on a workgroup(s) in the Workgroup field
    • If you wish to limit the search so the keyword is only located in certain fields in the user's profile information, select a field(s) in User Fields
    • If you wish to limit the search to only user accounts that are of a certain license type(s), click on a license type(s) in the License Types field
    To make multiple selections in the filters, hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard while making your selections.
  5. Click on the Go button to retrieve the results of your search

User List

A list of active users are displayed in the User Management System Home Page. Above the list, a total number of user accounts is displayed as User Accounts. Click on the License Summary link to see the number of user accounts by license type present in each workgroup. The number of user accounts created and the maximum allowed number of user accounts for each license type is also displayed above the user list. For example, in the Home Page image above the text Static: 6/25 indicates that there are 6 static user accounts present in the system and up to 25 static user accounts can be created in the system based on the licenses installed.

The User List shows the following information for each account:

User ID
User ID for the user account

Full Name
First and Last Name for the user account

Email Address
Email Address associated with the user account

Name of the company associated with the user account

License Type
License type for the user account

Recent Login Workgroup
The workgroup the user most recently logged into

Recent Login Time
The date and time the user most recently logged into Tracker