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Workgroup Management System Guide Glossary

Glossary of Terms

Add - The operation for creating a new workgroup in WMS.
More information: Adding a Workgroup

Admin - Options that allow the WMS Administrator to perform administrative operations such as reset the password, log workgroup information to a file block and unblock workgroups and more.
More information: Overview

Alias - The operation for adding, editing or deleting an alias or a nickname for a workgroup.
More information: Managing Aliases

Delete - The operation for deleting a workgroup in WMS.
More information: Deleting a Workgroup

Edit - The operation for editing a workgroup in WMS. The workgroup's description, host name, IP Address and other items can be modified.
More information: Editing a Workgroup

Help - Clicking on this icon in the top button bar will display the WMS Help Guide in a second browser window. Clicking on this link in the Status bar will display the context-sensitive Help section in a second browser window.
More information: WMS Help Guide Table of Contents

Home Page - The page the WMS Administrator first sees when logging into WMS. A list of all workgroups is displayed on the Home Page. You can also view, edit and perform other workgroup operations directly from the Home Page.
More information: Logging In

License Manager - The interface that shows your Tracker license information. The License Manager shows what type of licenses and how many of each type you have purchased.
More information: Entering License Information

Login to WMS - The operation used to access WMS.
More information: Logging In

Login to Workgroup - The operation used to access a workgroup.
More information: Logging In

Logoff - Clicking on this icon in the top button bar will end your WMS session.

Migrate - The operation for converting the database type of a workgroup's database.
More information: Migrating a Workgroup

Move - The operation for moving workgroups and/or databases.
More information: Moving a Workgroup

Repair - The operation for resetting a workgroup to its default settings (e.g. copying a new set of web pages, resetting file permissions and IIS settings).
More information: Repairing a Workgroup

Session - A session is started when a user logs into a workgroup. The session ends when a user logs off or is logged off by an Administrator. A list of user sessions for each workgroup can be viewed in WMS.
More information: Blocking and Unblocking Workgroups

UMS Administrator - The user account for accessing UMS. The User ID of the UMS Administrator is "useradmin".
More information: Overview

User Management System (UMS) - The interface for adding and maintaining user accounts for all workgroups in Tracker.
More information: Overview

View - The operation for viewing a workgroup's configuration.
More information: Viewing a Workgroup

WMS Administrator - The user account for accessing WMS. The User ID of the WMS Administrator is "ptadmin".
More information: Logging In

Workgroup - Created in the Workgroup Management System (WMS), a workgroup is an area with its own database and web pages. When a workgroup is created, you can select many parameters including what database type is used (Access, SQL Server or Oracle), what languages it supports (via the character set option) and where the web pages should be located. Each workgroup is intended to be an area independent of other workgroups (e.g. a workgroup has its own database and features can be enabled / disabled within each workgroup).
More information: Adding a Workgroup.

Workgroup Administrator - The User ID "Admin" in each workgroup or any user in a workgroup that is a member of a group with the Admin privilege.

Workgroup Database Tools - The set of operations for managing the workgroup databases (e.g. initializing, creating and deleting database tables). These operations should only be used under the guidance of NetResults Technical Support.
More information: Workgroup Database Operations

Workgroup Management System (WMS) - The interface for creating and maintaining workgroups. An unlimited number of workgroups can be created in WMS. A user must have Local Administrator rights on the machine where Tracker is installed in order to access WMS.
More information: WMS Overview