NetResults Tracker Help
Deleting Records

To delete a record:

  1. Click on the Delete icon in the Button Bar
  2. The Search Window will appear. You can enter the record number you would like to delete and click Go.

    Once you've selected a specific record, the Delete Page will be displayed.

  3. Enter information into the History Comment field
  4. Click on the Delete button to proceed, click OK when prompted to confirm this operation
  5. A confirmation page will be displayed. If you wish to delete another record, enter the PRN for the record in the Delete another record field and click on the Delete button. Or, click on either the Go To Home Page or Go To Last Query Results buttons

Note that when you delete a record, by default, Tracker does not remove it from the database. Instead the "Deleted" field of the record is set to "Yes". By default, queries do not include such deleted records; however, deleted records can be included in the query results by setting the "Deleted" field to "Yes" or "*" when defining the query criteria. If, at a later time, you would like to make this record visible again, you can directly edit the record and change "Deleted" attribute to the value "No".

However, if your Tracker administrator has changed the default delete behavior, the delete may be permanent. Check with your Tracker administrator before performing a delete that you may wish to recover.

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