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Printing Records

In order to print documents from Tracker, you can click on the Print link present on the Home, Query History, Metrics and View pages of Tracker to print the contents of the frame where the record(s) are displayed.

To print the reports displayed on the Home Page, go to the Home Page and click on the Print link to the right of the Report Pulldown at the top of the Home Page report you wish to print.

To print Query Results, run the query, then select either Table or Text for the format. Table format resembles the same table as shown on the Query Results page. Text format removes the table layout and lists each record sequentially from top to bottom. Click on the Print link in the upper right corner to begin printing the query results.

To print History reports, run the History query, then click on the Print link in the upper right corner.

To print charts generated on the Metrics page, run the chart, then click on the Print link in the upper right corner.

Please note that when the preference Exclude Time From Reports is enabled and a Date field is displayed in the report layout, the time information will not be included (only the date) when print previewing or printing a report on the Query, Home or History pages.

To print invidual records from the View Page, click on the Format for Printing link in the upper right corner to display a printer-friendly format of the View Page, then click on the Print link in the upper right corner. This method allows you to print an individual record with the full content of each field.

To print this Tracker help file, there are 2 ways to print out the complete set of files.

Use Print All Linked Documents Option
Go to the Table of Contents, then select File > Print in your browser to launch the print properties dialog. Click on the option tab, then check the box for the option called "Print all linked documents". This will print the table of contents and each of the subsections listed as clickable links (each individual Help section). The availability of the "print all linked documents" option may depend on your operating system. If the option is not available, use the next method described below.

Print via Windows Explorer
This method will print all of the Help section, but the pages will need to be manually sorted. In Windows Explorer, browse to the directory where Tracker is installed. Typically, C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\NetResultsTracker\workgroup, where workgroup is ptdev, ptweb, pteval, etc. In the workgroup folder will be a subdirectory called Help. In the Help folder, there are the following directories: Admin, Install, Std, UMS and WMS. In each of these folders there will be a table of contents file. It is admin_toc.htm for Admin, install_toc.htm for Install, bots_toc.htm for Std, ums_toc.htm for UMS and wms_toc.htm for WMS. Print each of these files first. Then go into the Admin directory and select all of the files, then right-click and select print. Do the same for the files in the Install, Std, UMS and WMS folders. You can use the printed table of contents files to help you sort the remaining web pages. There is one web page for each table of contents entry. The corresponding title is at the top of each web page.

If you wish to print information other than items mentioned above, use your browser's print functionality to print the information.

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