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Knowledge Base


The Knowledge Base is a feature that facilitates the process of creating and publishing articles to allow end users (customers, vendors, partners, any users) to search these articles for answers to questions and issues. Providing an information source that end users can use self-sufficiently reduces the effort needed to support end users. The Knowledge Base also provides a means of documenting and proliferating information to minimize the time needed to resolve an issue.

Enabling the Knowledge Base

To enable the Knowledge Base, go to the General Preferences section by performing the following steps:

  1. Login to the Knowledge Base workgroup as Admin
  2. Click on the Admin icon
  3. Click on the General Preferences link
  4. Scroll to the Knowledge Base section, set the preference called Enable Knowledge Base to "Yes". If this option is not displayed in this section, this indicates the feature hasn't been licensed.
  5. Click OK to save this change

Knowledge Base Components

There are several components of the Knowledge Base that can be customized:

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