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Adding a User

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Constraints to Consider before Adding a User

A user account must be created in the User Management System (UMS) section before the user can begin using Tracker. The number of users that can be added to UMS depends on the number and type of licenses you have entered in the License Manager. Each user created in UMS can be given access to multiple workgroups.

When adding a new user, the profile information (email address, phone number, etc.) can be entered. This profile information will be displayed in all workgroups to which the user is given access. When entering information for a new user account, consider the character set of the workgroup(s) the user will be accessing. A user can only be given access to a workgroup with a character set that supports the characters entered in the user's profile. For example, if a user is created with UTF-8 characters in the profile, this user account can only be given access to a workgroup with UTF-8 selected as the character set.

Some basic guidelines related to user / workgroup character set compatibility:

For information on checking a workgroup's character set, review the Viewing a Workgroup section. To see a list of characters supported by each character set, review the information in the Adding a Workgroup section.

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Adding a User

Users can be added from the User Management System (UMS). The option of allowing workgroup Administrators to add users to their own workgroup(s) without requiring access to UMS can be enabled in the Administration Options section.

The following are the steps that need to be done in order to add a new user and allow this user to begin using Tracker:

  1. Add a user to the User Management System (UMS) using the steps below.
  2. Give the user access to the necessary workgroup(s) using the Editing a User's Access to Workgroups option.
  3. For each workgroup that the user will access, add the user to the User Accounts page of the Admin section in the workgroup. This step can be skipped if the "Add User + Access" option is used when giving the user access to a workgroup(s) in the step above.

To add a new user:

  1. Login to the User Management System
  2. Click on the Add icon in the top button bar
  3. Enter information into the following required fields on the "Add New User Account" page:
    • User ID - Unique identifier for user. May be up to 40 characters long.
    • Password - Login password for user. May be up to 10 characters long.

      This password is not used if the user is only given access to a workgroup(s) with Active Directory Integration enabled because the user's Windows user account information will be used for authentication. In this case, a password is still required for creating a new user account in case the workgroup(s) to which the user has access are ever changed to allow Anonymous access. This password does not need to match the user's Windows account password.

    • Confirm Password - Confirm the login password for user as entered in the Password field above.
    • Last Name - User's last name.
    • First Name - User's first name.
    • License Type - Can be Static, Floating, or Restricted. See Definition of Users by License Type for further information. Users with Static or Floating selected as the License Type are also referred to as Unrestricted or Non-Restricted users in various areas of the Help Guides.
    • User Type - This option will only be present if the user account option Enable User Type Property has been enabled in the Set User Account Options section. This property for user accounts has been deprecated and is planned to be removed from a future release. It is possible to use user group privileges to achieve the same effect as the User Type property.

      User Type can be either Internal or External. A user with External selected as the user type cannot be assigned to any record (these users are not listed in the Assigned To pulldown for selection during the workflow process in the workgroups). If Restricted is selected as the License type above, you must select External as the User Type.

    • Company - User's company name.
    • Email - Email address of the user. Used by Tracker for email notification of events.
    • Phone - User's phone number.
    • Fax - User's fax number.
    • Address 1 - First line of user's address.
    • Address 2 - Second line of user's address.
    • City - User's city.
    • State/Province - User's state or province.
    • Zip/Pincode - User's zip code or pincode.
    • Country - User's country.
    • Comment - Any other information about the user to be included in his or her profile information.
  4. After entering the information, click on the Add User button to save this new user account.
  5. A confirmation will be displayed after the user is successfully added. Click on the Add Workgroup Access button to specify which workgroups this user will be able to access. Details on giving a user access to a workgroup(s) can be found in the Editing a User's Access to Workgroups Help section.
  6. After a user is given access to a workgroup, the user must be added to the User Accounts section of each workgroup. Only after doing this will the user will be able to login to the workgroup(s) and begin using Tracker. It is possible to add a user to the workgroup at the same time as access is given. Review the Editing a User's Access to Workgroups Help section for details.

The information entered in a user's profile can be viewed by users when the Assigned To or Reported By fields are displayed on the View page or in the Home Page and Query reports. The user's name will appear as a clickable link for those users which have the View User Information privilege. Clicking on the user's name will display the details present in the user's profile.

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Restoring a User

If you add a user account with a User ID that matches a previously deleted user account, you will be prompted to restore the user account by clicking on the Restore User button or to choose a different User ID by clicking on the Cancel button to return to the Add New User Account page.

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Managing Users within License Limits

If you attempt to add more users than are allowed by your license(s), Tracker will notify you that you have reached the maximum number of users for your license type. If you have more than one type of license (a mix of static, floating, or restricted licenses), the error will tell you which license type has reached its limit. You will need to delete another user account before you are allowed to create a new user account.

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Definition of Users by License Type

There are three types of licenses available for use with Tracker: Static, Floating, and Restricted. For all three license types only one user (person) may be logged in to Tracker per license. In other words, the maximum number of people that may be logged in to Tracker at any one time is equal to the total number of Static, Floating, and Restricted licenses you have. The difference between the license types is how many user accounts may be created per license and what Tracker features may be used.

For more details on licensing including your License Agreement and the number and type of license(s) you have, please run the License Manager.

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