NetResults Tracker Version 7.1.0 System Requirements

The system requirements for NetResults Tracker version 7.1.0 are as follows.

If you are planning to use virtualization software, the virtual machine must meet the requirements below. In addition, please review our recommendations for using Tracker with virtualization software.

Web Browser (End User) Machine

Web Server Machine

Database Server Machine

A database server is not required to use Tracker. By default, it will use a Microsoft Access (Jet 4.0) database (via the drivers on the web server machine). However, Tracker can also be used with any of the following database systems.

For database server hardware requirements for MySQL, SQL Server or Oracle, please consult the appropriate Microsoft or Oracle documentation. No Tracker software is installed on the database server machine(s).

Preparation for Installing Tracker

Details about how to verify that you have the proper components installed on your web server and database server and where to download them (if you do not have them) can be found in Preparation for Installing Tracker.