Support Plans

Software Updates and Support (SUS)

The standard NetResults Tracker maintenance package — Software Updates and Support (SUS) — includes:

With the email-based support, support requests are to be initiated via email, which makes it easier for the requestor to attach the necessary information such as error messages and screen shots. Although support requests are initiated via email, NetResults Technical Support staff may respond via phone, email, setting up a WebEx session, etc.

Annual SUS subscription fee is 20% of license fees when purchased with new licenses. Renewal is 25% of license fees if your subscription has not yet expired. If your subscription expired less than six months ago, you can retroactively renew by paying a reinstatement fee in addition to the standard renewal fees (total cost 31.25% of current license fees, the new subscription will expire one year after the previous subscription expired). Otherwise, you will need to purchase a license upgrade with a new SUS subscription (total cost 70% of current license fees). Unless you are quite certain that you will not need any technical support or software updates for at least 3 years, it will cost you less to keep your subscription current than to let it lapse and pay upgrade fees later.

For an installation to receive support and software updates, all the licenses must be current on their Software Updates and Support subscriptions.

Custom Support Plan Options

The following custom support options may be added to your Software Updates and Support:

Phone Support Add-On: Phone support is available during NetResults business hours (Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm Pacific Time, excluding holidays) for a fee of $75 per incident. A 5-pack of incidents may be purchased for $325. A 10-pack of incidents may be purchased for $500. A minimum initial purchase of 5 incidents is required and all incidents must be pre-paid.

On-Site Professional Services

To speed the initial deployment of your NetResults Tracker system, NetResults can send an engineer to your site. While on site, the engineer can provide training, assistance during installation, configuration of NetResults Tracker to meet your specific requirements, assistance importing data from a legacy system, etc. A minimum of three weeks advance notice is required. For locations outside of the continental U.S. or less than three weeks advance notice, please contact for availability and pricing.

Off-Site Professional Services

For assistance with installation, configuration, importing data from a legacy system, or general assistance in helping you get the most out of your NetResults Tracker system, that doesn't require on-site assistance, NetResults can provide a Dedicated Support Engineer for a pre-arranged time period. An engineer located at NetResults will provide remote assistance via phone and/or Internet (e.g. WebEx). The Dedicated Support Engineer service is available for $125/hour (with a 2 hour minimum). Please contact for availability.

Note: All amounts stated in U.S. Dollars. Prices subject to change without notice.