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New Features and Fixes

To see a detailed list of new features and fixes in a version, please click on the version number below. A brief summary of the new features in each release is included in the Highlights column on the right. To receive email notification of new Tracker releases, please sign up for NetResults Tracker Release Announcements. Product information for releases not yet generally available is preliminary and subject to change.

Version     Highlights of New Features
7.2.1 SQL Server 2019 support, Firefox 92+ support, Chrome 94+ support, Safari 14+ support (details).
7.2.0 Windows Server 2019 support, Firefox 77+ support, Chrome 85+ support, Safari 13+ support, MailBee preview (details).
7.1.0 SQL Server 2017 on Linux support, webhooks preview 2, use of font icons in place of smaller images (improves appearance, boosts performance), new option for searching all fields when searching within reports, new option to configure decimal places for charts with floating point values, improved chart date display, double-click to view details from History search (details).
7.0.0 New metrics display engine, SQL Server 2017 on Windows support, MySQL 5.7 support, Amazon Aurora support, Window Server 2016 (IIS 10.0) support, webhook preview, Google signon integration preview, fixes (details).
6.7.4 Firefox 53+ support, Chrome 59+ support, Safari 11 support, Edge 15 support, fixes (details).
6.7.3 Microsoft Edge 13+ support, SQL Server 2016 support, Firefox 50+ support, Chrome 55+ support, Safari 10 support, MySQL 5.7 support preview, fixes (details).
6.7.2 Metrics display fallback for browsers with Java disabled/unsupported, option to show record history during Edit or Task, Microsoft Edge 12 support, AutoFill Text Field support for Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge, Firefox 45 - 49 support, Chrome 50 - 54 support, MySQL 5.6 support preview, and more.
6.7.1 Code to display charts is digitally signed by NetResults (required by Java 8 and later Java 7 updates), Firefox 37 - 44 support, Chrome 43 - 49 support, Safari 9.0 support, fixes.
6.7.0 New "flat" UI theme and icons, installation on Windows Server 2012 R2, use of SQL Server 2014, enhanced support for Internet Explorer 11.0, Safari 8.0 support, encrypted (SSL/TLS) connection option for Submit via Email add-on, and more.
6.6.1 FP1 Support for the Chrome, Internet Explorer 10.0, and Safari 7.0 web browsers. Windows 8, iOS, and Android operating system detection for Autofill fields.
6.6.1 Fixes.
6.6.0 System maintained last modified date/time field for each record, new user type pulldown field (list that matches a user group), multiple Forms in a single Metric (Saved Chart), support for installation on Windows Server 2008 R2 (IIS 7.5), support for installation on 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2008 & 2003, support for SQL Server 2008 R2, more key field types (Status, Assignee, Pulldown), option to make record attachments visible in the Knowledge Base, new options added to the Edit Query Results batch update operation (append to Text Area fields, set various field types to blank/empty, special options for setting Assignee & Status), and more.
6.5.1 Integer, Floating point, and PRN fields now searchable on Home and Query pages using the full "text" search in the search/filter bar.
6.5.0 Inline help (for Fields, Transitions, Add, Edit, and Task), Link fields as query (search) criteria, expanded full text search options, dynamic full text search within reports, dynamic range filters (for Date, Integer, and Floating point fields) within reports, password content policies, access restriction by location (IP address), account lockout after too many failed login attempts, tools for importing pulldown items, Firefox version 3.5 support, support for the Safari web browser (versions 3.0, 3.1, and 3.2), Internet Explorer version 8.0 support, new Task Field initialization options, additional aging Metrics, performance improvements for dependent pulldowns, performance improvements for large SQL Server and Oracle databases, global file attachments, single-user maintenance mode, and more.
6.0.1 Fixes only, no new features.
6.0.0 Multiple projects per workgroup, multiple forms for each project, field sharing (across forms), multiple workflows, workflow sharing (across forms/projects), project visibility, form visibility, transition visibility, cross-project and cross-form reporting, link fields (cross record references), calendar input for date fields, color preferences, new field layout customizations (radio buttons, check boxes, mutiple field per line, etc.), SQL Server 2005 support, Active Directory integration (single sign-on), table format display for Metrics, relative date range and knowledge base-style search for Query, new search options for History, new rebranding options, new customizations for Login, Home, and Submit via Web pages, new privileges for finer grain control of Edit operations (including read-only fields), Edit/Task privileges for Restricted Users, email notifications for unregistered users, and more.
5.5.4 Workflow improvements, and more.
5.5.3 History page enhancements (report layouts, paging, printing), performance improvements, improved trend analysis in Metrics, dynamic status bar, new record visibility options, workflow enhancements, user and workgroup management enhancements, and more.
5.5.2 Windows Server 2003, Sun Java, Netscape 7.1, cloning (copy record, subtask), email notification enhancements, workflow enhancements, metric printing, add similar, Submit via Email enhancements, and more.
5.5.1 Fixes only, no new features.
5.5 Help desk and support application templates, charts & graphs and additional reports on Home page, additional personal preferences, self-registration, automatic reporting of user computer configuration information, email notification enhancements, and more. Options: Knowledge Base, Submit via Email, Open API
5.0.2 User administration improvement, and more.
5.0.1 Export of history query, support of Netscape 7.
5.0 Metrics, user administration, read-only task fields, Add & Copy, query export, performance enhancement, expanded history comment field, large text fields display, and more. ProblemTracker Enterprise Edition (PTEE): alerts, discussions, escalations
4.1.1 Fixes only, no new features.
4.1 Field level visibility, multiple time zones, field dependencies, sort report dynamically, Oracle 9i support, and more.
4.0.3 Fixes only, no new features.
4.0.2 Fixes only, no new features.
4.0.1 Fixes only, no new features.
4.0 Source control integration, unlimited workgroups, complex queries, multi language support, controlled branching for workflow, expanded email notification, performance improvement, and more.
3.6.1 Fixes only, no new features.
3.6 Floating license, user session display, history comment in email notification, and more.
3.5.1 Fixes only, no new features.
3.5 Interactive charts & graphs, paged query results, sort order, and more.