NetResults Tracker 2007 DST Change Patch

Reason for the Patch

For 2007 (and beyond), DST in the following time zones starts the second Sunday in March (instead of the first Sunday in April) and ends on the first Sunday in November (instead of the last Sunday in October).

This patch updates your ProblemTracker installation to use the new DST change dates for 2007 (and beyond) for the time zones listed above.

If your installation does not use any of these time zones, then you do not need to immediately install this patch. However, we still recommend that you install the patch now so that if one of your users does change their personal Time Zone preference to one of the affected time zones, the times that they enter into the system will be stored correctly. If you do not apply this patch and one of your users does select one of the affected time zones, date/time values which are displayed to or entered by them may be off by one hour.

Instructions and Download Links

To install the patch, download a copy of the patch zip file and follow the instructions in the ReadMe file. There are three versions of the patch. If you are not sure which version of ProblemTracker you are using, login and look in the upper right corner (in the tool bar). The full version number is displayed there.

If your current Software Updates and Support (SUS) subscription is not current, you can still download and install this patch. However, no Technical Support (email or phone) will be provided. If you are using version 5.5.3 or later, you can check your SUS status (and renew if it has expired) by logging in to a workgroup as Admin and clicking on the Admin icon. Your SUS status will be displayed just below the mode/status bar. If it has expired, a link to renew will be displayed. If you have an older version of ProblemTracker or do not see your SUS status displayed, .